When it comes to packaging, things don't get much more holiday-inspired than the fresh, bright and breezy look of PUMA Jam. From the playfully-clashing, tropical-bright colours to the cool, clear curves of the bottles themselves, everything about the look of PUMA Jam says pure summer joy.



The outer boxes have a splash of summer joy with their super-bright colours and contrasting printed text. Not surprisingly, JAM is the word that shouts out most, but the box is also emblazoned with other words that 'jam' on the theme of Caribbean music: phrases like 'Live Reggae', 'Roots' and 'One Love' conjure up the soundtrack to your beach holiday. And as stated on the inside of the PUMA JAM folding box, less paper was used to produce its packaging by removing the liner inside. In accordance with PUMA VISION ( to contribute to a better world for generations to come, this is a first step in reaching a more sustainable packaging for all PUMA fragrances.